About Me

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I enjoy creating stuffs. I like to BUILD. To have fun, help people and show my work to the world. This is where I come in.

Early back in my childhood and early teens, I would always love to draw architectural houses on a paper. The passion behind building and sketching houses helped me paved the way on choosing the program I like in College: ARCHITECTURE.

Baby Jam

PHOTO from the archives of the Cañero Family: Young Jam

I am open to design and development fields and currently focusing as a BIM Modeler, Designer and Junior Architect. My design philosophy throughout my student experience in every project I create:

"The role of architecture is to design spaces for people and making them happy."

Archi Student Jam

PHOTO from the archives of John Cañero - University Pictures: Architecture Design Project: Fine Dining Restaurant

This philosophy helped me a lot when designing and building stuffs that focuses on users.


I spend my time learning on technology especially in the design, BIM, digital marketing, front-end development and it helped me experience and see the opportunities at a wider field. I consistently learn the concepts and tools behind and building projects around it.

In the future, my career aspiration would be to develop and build products that would uplift humankind. With the experiences I had, it helped me to empathize the users and realize what are their needs and wants. To always focus and center the user and make them happy.


  • ✅ Graduated at Bachelor of Science in Architecture in University of Santo Tomas
  • ✅ Graduated at The Complete Web Development Bootcamp 2022
  • ✅ Accomplished Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design and Start the UX Design Process: Empathize, Define, and Ideate Certificates
  • ✅ Accomplished Foundations of Digital Marketing and E-commerce and Attract and Engage Customers with Digital Marketing Certificate
  • ✅ Project Manager and EA to Community Development (2018-2020): Heritage Conservation Society - UST


When I have free time and no work, I enjoy: playing football, table tennis, badminton, cycling, running, playing board games such as chess, and reading growth and development books.

Explore my website and portfolio here at: https://johncanero.com/